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Matching Names

Name Date of Death Cemetery
GARMONSWAY, Annie Elizabeth 10/02/1988 Pukerimu
GARMONSWAY, Charles Vincent 02/11/1968 Pukerimu
GARMONSWAY, Dorothy 29/07/1967 Hautapu
GARMONSWAY, Edna Mary 26/05/1990 Pukerimu
GARMONSWAY, Edward 04/07/1935 Alexandra (Pirongia)
GARMONSWAY, Edward Watt 16/09/1875 Alexandra (Pirongia)
GARMONSWAY, Francis Edward 20/07/1977 Te Awamutu
GARMONSWAY, Galvan Gordon 30/07/2017 Pukerimu
GARMONSWAY, Ian Peter 11/03/1972 Te Awamutu
GARMONSWAY, Letitia Ann 25/01/1892 Alexandra (Pirongia)
GARMONSWAY, Madeline Rebecca Douglas 01/12/1954 Te Awamutu
GARMONSWAY, Margaret Alice 02/11/1975 Pukerimu
GARMONSWAY, Mervyn Charles 23/04/2019 Pukerimu
GARMONSWAY, Ngaire Joyce 27/12/2018 Leamington
GARMONSWAY, Raymond Harry 14/03/2013 Pukerimu
GARMONSWAY, Thelma Eva 11/06/2013 Pukerimu
GARMONSWAY, Thomas 23/06/1918 Paterangi